Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning behind the name Wildly Blended?

When I first started this company, I was making custom supplements from fresh organic produce that I purchased from the local market. I would wash them, dehydrate them, and pulverize them in my Ninja Blender. I wanted the company name to reflect not only the ingredients in the supplements (wild/organic) but the process (blending/blitzing) they went through as well. Thus, Wildly Blended was born. Although I do not make custom supplements anymore, the name is a daily reminder of where and how it all started.

Where are Wildly Blended products manufactured ?

Bug Off and On The Move are both manufactured in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients in an FDA-registered GMP facility. Each batch is tested for purity.

All other products are hand made in small batches, in-house, using USDA Certified Organic domestic and international ingredients. The sourced ingredients themselves are tested for purity.

Why are some products manufactured & others still hand made?

Wildly Blended is owned and operated by a single individual. As the business grows, it is becoming more difficult to keep up with demand. In order to keep costs as low as possible, this transition will be a slow process. Everything is being paid in cash so that the customer does not have to take on the financial burden of covering the interest taken out on loans. Slow and steady wins the race.

Where do you source ingredients from?

We source ingredients both domestically and internationally. Although Wildly Blended products themselves are not USDA Certified Organic (yet), we do source USDA Certified Organic ingredients that are always tested for purity.

How fast do you deliver?

Products coming from the fulfillment center ship out same day if the order is placed before 12pm CST, or next day, if the order is placed after 12pm CST. Hand made items are a little more inconsistent due to many factors, but the typical turnaround time is 10 business days or less.

What makes your products different than others on the market?

The philosophy behind Wildly Blended is to treat the entire body, as a whole, with safe and effective ingredients that offer true healing properties. Each ingredient was thoroughly researched for efficacy for its intended purpose in each formula. Each ingredient is to work synergistically with the others to encourage the body to work properly, so true healing can really begin.

How do I introduce the supplements?

Our supplements are made from dehydrated or freeze dried whole food ingredients, so they retain quite a bit of nutritional value. For this reason, our supplements are more nutrient dense, and it is recommended to always introduce new items very slowly to reduce stomach upset.

It is also recommended to introduce one new supplement at a time.

What are supplement breaks and why are they important?

Supplement breaks are just that: a small break from taking supplements. This is important because the body will become accustomed to the dosage, and over time, the efficacy of the supplement will decrease. It will take more and more of the product to achieve the same results. Supplement breaks allow the body to rest and reset, and keeps the efficacy at the same original dosage.

What's the best way to take supplement breaks?

This can look different for everyone. You will have to find what works best for your situation. Taking 1-2 days off a week is sufficient. An easy routine to remember is to feed supplements during the work week, and take the weekends off. As long as you take several breaks throughout the month, it does not matter how or when you choose to take them. Do what works best for you and your situation.

How do I store the supplements?

Storing the supplements in their original containers, and kept in a cool, dry, dark place like a kitchen cabinet is best practice.

What are the expiration dates for the supplements?

The supplements have a shelf life of 2-3 years. However, with that being said, that is just a general guideline from the manufacturer, and does not mean that the product is “bad” if it goes past the expiration date.

All products have a generalized "use by or expiry" date on them, and the USDA even states that food products are safe to eat past their expiry date.

Here is a link so you can read more about expiration dates and what they mean:

Expiration dates have more to do with the food’s overall quality and texture instead of when it is safe or not safe to eat. Considering all of the supplements are either dehydrated or freeze dried ingredients, they contain minimal water content and can be stored for years, if they’re kept in a cool, dry, dark environment like a kitchen cabinet, even after they’re opened.

For supplements that are made by hand in-house, this 2-3 year expiry date still applies. These supplements are made to order, in small batches, and are roughly a week old, at most, upon shipping. You can simply base the expiry date off of your order date.

What are the expiration dates of the topicals?

Using natural ingredients means accepting a shorter shelf life for skincare products.

All of the topicals are made to order, in small batches. These products have a 6-12 month shelf life.

Best practice is to store the product(s) away from any heat, sunlight, and remain tightly sealed.

If there is ever any off-putting smell, cloudiness, or clear indication of spoilage or contamination, discard the product.

Can I freeze or heat the supplements?

You can freeze the supplements when they are mixed with something like yogurt, kefir, milk, broth, etc. Many pet owners love to make frozen treats for their pets. Note that the longer they are frozen, their nutritional value and aroma will decrease over time.

It is advised to not cook with the supplements. Cooking will decrease their nutritional value and significantly reduce the healing properties within the ingredients.