About Us

After we brought home our Golden Retriever puppy back in 2017, we knew he needed the best diet in order to live a healthy, long life. I dove head first into canine nutrition.

I received my first certifications in Raw Dog Food Nutrition and Acute Canine Herbalism in 2020, and a secondary certification as a Canine Nutrition Professional in 2022.

Any time we went into a pet store, we were disappointed in our options. Products were full of synthetics, dyes, fillers, artificial flavorings, and preservatives. We would leave empty handed, as nothing was on par with my level of standards.

So, I started making my own. Every single product was formulated with intention. I researched clinical studies on ingredients for their effectiveness, and used those ingredients for their specific purpose. I have tested every product on my dogs, and continue to use them to this very day.

My mission has always been to provide safe, high quality products at an affordable price, with minimal impact to our environment.

Our pets are our family. They deserve the very best.