If you are concerned about chemicals and preservatives commonly found in retail canine skin-care products, our Wildly Healing line may be just what you are looking for.


     The art of healing with herbal salves and hydrosols has been around for centuries. Apothecary herbalists and botanists harvested roots, berries, seeds, leaves, bark and flowers to make the concoctions needed to soothe an irritation, heal a wound or cure an ailment. They are the time-honored first line of defense for first-aid treatments for soothing burns, scrapes, wounds, bruises, rashes and other such afflictions. Some popular uses for these treatments may include:

Inflammation due to allergies

Cracked, dry skin


Insect bites, stings, and sores 

Minor burns and sunburn

Blisters, boils, abscesses and other skin ulcers

Rashes of various types 

Minor wounds, scrapes and cuts

Our salves and hydrosols are made from deeply moisturizing, non-toxic, and organic ingredients. We never add any preservatives or synthetic fragrances. 

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